Welcome to our news page!  We will be periodically updating this page to keep readers informed about our current work.

Good Lad in the news:

Can Universities Ever Get Rid of Boozy, Sexist Lad Culture? – The Telegraph

Campaign to Cow Bullingdon Sexism – Sunday Times

Radio 5 Interview – 1:56:30

Guardian Blog – NUS Summit on Lad Culture

In addition, here’s an update for February, 2014:

  • In the year since our founding, we have offered nineteen workshops to over 180 men from across Oxford.
  • Workshop participants have included the Oriel College Men’s Boat Club, the Blues Rugby League, the editors of The Cherwell, and the Blues Swimming Team, the Keble Rugby Union, the Pebroke Rugby Union, the Blues Hockey Team, and the Balliol Rugby Club.
  • We have built formal partnerships with the Said Business School and the Oxford University Rugby Football Club.
  • We continue to train new facilitators, schedule more workshops, and conduct ongoing evaluations of our impact.

Please contact a GL administrator if you would like to get involved!


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